Sunday, September 23, 2012

Recover deleted files on Windows

When you accidentally shift-delete files or empty the recycle bin then you need to act immediately. The first thing to do is: avoid further write operations on that volume. Then download and run this wonderful tool: Pandora Recovery. Browse to the location of the deleted data. You should find the deleted file or folder marked by a red X like this:

Select the files or folders that you want to recover and select menu File | Recover to. Choose the location where you want to store the recovered files and click Recover Now. Lay back and see your files reappear.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Explorer Theme for Trac

Trac is an excellent content management tool for software development projects. Now you can display your Trac wiki in a new impressive way using the Explorer Theme for Trac. It displays the Trac wiki in an explorer like style. The browse-able structure of pages is based on tags and the sub-page hierarchy:

Browse the wiki to find the pages by tags and parent pages. Expand and collapse the tags and pages by clicking on the plus and minus signs.

It's free. Download now.

Hide "What's hot" stream in Google+

Sad of having "spam" posts of the What's hot stream on your Google+ home page? It is easy to get rid of them:
  1. On your Google+ profile home page click on the What's hot stream link – don't worry it is the last time you see these posts.
  2. Then move the ruler at the top to the left position as shown below:
  3. Now relax and enjoy the posts.