Sunday, July 24, 2011

Get your Google+ invitation and get started!

It seems that the Google+ social networking service has a great start. According to The Wall Street Journal 20 million accounts were created in just 3 weeks.

This is the moment to create your own page and reserve the right shortcut to your account on (an upcoming post will describe how to do this).

Unfortunately account creation is still based on invitations. If you want me to send you as a biterapia follower an invitation for getting started, just follow these two steps:

  1. Share this post on Facebook (see Facebook button below) or +1 it (again see button below). If you have neither a Facebook nor a Google account, just leave a comment with your email address here.
  2. Send me an email asking for an invitation. Please provide a link to your Facebook account, if available.
You then will receive an invitation to the specified address. Stay tuned, as I soon will post more information on getting started with Google+.

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