Friday, July 29, 2011

"Update could not be found" error when reinstalling WSUS

When installing the WSUS role, Windows first tries to find updates for this service. If the setup fails to connect to the update source, it stops with the error: The Installation failed the update could not be found there may be a network connection issue.

This can happen when reinstalling the service while the server is still configured to update from itself or when migrating the WSUS serviceafter uninstalling it from the old server.

In order to resolve this, modify the Windows Update settings of the server then add the WSUS role again. For example you may disable the Windows Update group policy and apply the modification running gpupdate /force on the server. Afterwards WSUS should add successfully.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Get your Google+ invitation and get started!

It seems that the Google+ social networking service has a great start. According to The Wall Street Journal 20 million accounts were created in just 3 weeks.

This is the moment to create your own page and reserve the right shortcut to your account on (an upcoming post will describe how to do this).

Unfortunately account creation is still based on invitations. If you want me to send you as a biterapia follower an invitation for getting started, just follow these two steps:

  1. Share this post on Facebook (see Facebook button below) or +1 it (again see button below). If you have neither a Facebook nor a Google account, just leave a comment with your email address here.
  2. Send me an email asking for an invitation. Please provide a link to your Facebook account, if available.
You then will receive an invitation to the specified address. Stay tuned, as I soon will post more information on getting started with Google+.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Installing Trend Micro OfficeScan 10.5 server together with WSUS or SCE

When installing the OfficeScan 10.5 server on a Windows 2008 (R2) sever running WSUS or SCE, the setup fails with the error "Setup cannot initialize the server, Please contact your vendor for assistance". Well, that is quite bad: As the OfficeScan server supports Windows 2008 (R2), it should also be compatible with any of its default services, like WSUS. This is one of the moments where intuition is needed.

Here's the workaround which allowed us installing OfficeScan 10.5 on a SCE server:

  1. Stop the WSUS Administration ISS site:
    1. Start the Internet Information Services Manager
    2. Go to Sites > WSUS Administration and click Stop in the Actions pane.
  2. Stop the following services (if available): all SQL Server services and the Windows Update service.
  3. Run the OfficeScan 10.5 setup. The setup should terminate succesfully. If the setup should hang when trying to start the HTTP server run this command as administrator: SVRSVCSETUP.EXE -enabless1
  4. Start the services and site, which were stopped previously (or just restart the computer).

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WebDAV without SSL with Windows 7 or Vista

The Windows 7 Webclient service per default does not allow logins per Basic Authentication over non-SSL connections (like Windows XP does).

In order to do this you have to modify the following registry setting:
Change the value from 1 (which is the default value) to 2 in order to allow Basic Authentication over non-SSL connections.

Restart the Webclient service:
  1. Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services.
  2. Find and restart the Webclient service.