Thursday, June 2, 2011

TeamDrive "forever"

I recently tested TeamDrive, a service, which synchronizes your data to the cloud. It is quite an interestig service. However I decided to use another service. So I decided to delete my data on the TeamDrive server and finally my account.

Well, deleting the stored data was quite easy, but there was no option to delete the account. So I wrote an email to TeamDrive, asking how to delete the account. They wrote back:
an der Funktionalität den Account über die Webseite zu löschen, arbeiten wir aktuell noch. Zur Zeit löschen wir die Accounts manuell. Welchen TeamDrive-User möchten Sie löschen?
So they are still working on the posibility of removing an account through the web interface. They asked which account do I want them to delete.

So I wrote back which account I want to be deleted. This was three month ago. I got no answer and the account is still working. Recently I asked them again how to remove my account but didn't receive any answer. So before creating a TeamDrive account think twice if you really are ready for a "TeamDrive forever" account!

Well. I will post here if there is anything new about this in the future. Stay tuned! I will also post here soon which solution I am using now for synchronizing and backuping to the cloud.