Thursday, September 9, 2010

Keep PIM data when deleting Active Sync partnership on Windows Mobile smartphone

Unfortunatelly in Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1 the PIM data synchronized with a computer are deleted when you delete the sync partnership.

Here's an easy way how to keep those data when deleting the partnership:
  1. Start File Explorer and make a copy of the pim file in the root of your device's file system (actually the file is called pim.vol, but the ending is not displayed).
  2. Run the Active Sync program on your Windows Mobile phone, go to the Options menu and delete the sync partnership. Ignore the warning that your synchronized data will be deleted and continue.
  3. Go back to the File Explorer and restore the pim file backed up previously. If you can't override the current file, you may first change its name (to pim2.vol, for example).
  4. Shut down the phone (not only close the display).
  5. Start the phone again.
Your PIM data is now back again and it's the property of your phone not of a sync partnership any more.

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