Friday, April 30, 2010

Secure browsing using Remote Desktop Server

In order to secure Internet browsing on corporate desktops you may place a Remote Desktop Server (former Terminal Server) in a separate network connected by a firewall to your corporate network. Allow http connection to the Internet only for this separated network and access from the corporate network to the Remote Desktop Server (open TCP port 3389).

You may use RemoteApp to only see the browser window, without the remote desktop.

A virus outbreak can only affect computers on that separate network but not the workstations and servers on you corporate network.

Use Software Restriction policy to harden the Remote Desktop Server.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Analyze benchmark results of PCMark05 Basic Edition

With the PCMark05 Basic Edition you can measure the performance of you computer for free. If you want to view the benchmark results offline however, you need to do some tricky steps as described below.

Note: The PCMark05 software needn't be installed but you need to install Windows Media Encoder 9 in order to use it. This will allow you to leave a minimal footprint on the target system.

Running the benchmark:

  1. Install Windows Media Encoder 9.
  2. Copy the PCMark05 installation folder to the target computer.
  3. Run PCMark05.exe on the target computer.
  4. After the test finishes save the result.

Analyzing the result:

  1. Open the result file with an unzip utility.
  2. Extract the result.xml file.
  3. Open the result.xml file with Excel and find the benchmark results.