Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cheap call to Romania landline and mobile phones

“Be close to the beloved! is the slogan of an excellent offer to call phones in România at best prices (in the past I used Google Voice, but it is much more expensive for calling to Romania): Logo-ul serviciului CallRomânia
  • to landline phones: 1 cent / min
  • to mobile phones: 2,5 cent / min
  • send SMS: 4 cent
The service callRomânia can be used without any subscription or montly fee. All calls are charged by one second (1/1). There is no fee per call (as it is with Lebara or Skype).

You get a free phone number in Romania which can be called by your beloved at national call rates. No fees are charged for receiving calls to your callRomania phone number.

You can test this service for free. Upon your registration you will get a free credit of 0,10€ (not much but enough to make a test call). There are just three simple steps which must be followed:
  1. Register on (use this link secured by SSL so that your entered data remain confidential). Only a name, an email address and a password have to be provided (no other data is required; that is real privacy).
  2. Open the email that you have received from "Echipa callRomânia" and click on the link for activating your account.
  3. Now choose the desired phone number.
Now you can place cheap calls to Romania directly from their home page. Hopefully this service will remain for long time. If you prefer using this service on your smart phone, on your tablet pc or on your PC using a soft phone you can find information on how to configure this on their home page.

Send an email with your new phone number and the link to this fine service to your friends:

[Update on 11/25/2015: Rates have been updated]

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